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Industrial Art // new commercial work

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Commercial Work for TransDevelopment Group

Peter and I recently did a commercial photo shoot for the TransDevelopment Group (TDG). They are a world class developer of specialized transportation facilities in the rail, highway, and marine cargo industries. It was a great fit for Peter and I to work together. Peter has over thirty years of experience as a photographer specializing in commercial advertising/fashion, photo journalism, and fine art. TransDevelopment was looking for some fresh creativity to market and promote their  facilities.

Peter was head photographer and I was able to use my skills as an artist, portrait photographer, image editor, and stylist to compliment our duo. We photographed BMW facility in Galveston, Texas and the Shuttle Terminal in Talladega, Alabama, with a brief stop for portraits in Atlanta. The results were well documented work environments, grand opening event portraits, and specialty images of unique details from the construction process.

Putting Our Heads Together

With both of our extensive backgrounds in photography combined, Peter and I were able to join our talents and think outside the box to come up with visually pleasing, artistic & professional marketing materials for TDG. We have done many commissioned projects together, from portraits to environments, and all are different in their own way. I hope you see a different aspect of our work together through some of these images, and also the beauty that can be found in the industrial environment.
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Escamaruza Sepia Collection

The Escaramuza represent the female side of horsemanship in Hispanic history. Beautifully dressed in colorful dresses with dazzling silver accents and wide brim sombreros, the women perform daring and risky precision horse ballets in a synchronized pattern. A documentary called Riding from the Heart was done on a team of first generation Mexican American horsewomen representing California and the U.S. at the National Charro Championships in Mexico.

Limited edition prints available on canvas or archival matte paper in all sizes. Please email Kim if you are interested in purchasing any of the works here.

View the Color collection here.

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