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Industrial Art // new commercial work

Commercial Work for TransDevelopment Group Peter and I recently did a commercial photo shoot for the TransDevelopment Group (TDG). They are a world class developer of specialized transportation facilities in the rail, highway, and marine […]

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Escamaruza Sepia Collection

The Escaramuza represent the female side of horsemanship in Hispanic history. Beautifully dressed in colorful dresses with dazzling silver accents and wide brim sombreros, the women perform daring and risky precision horse ballets in a […]

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People at The Mall

I have been so inspired by the book ‘Humans of New York’. It is true, as the author Brandon Stanton writes, “we often spend more time not liking people than we do finding the beauty […]

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Reese – Modeling Composite

Modeling is Fun! I recently had the pleasure of working with Reese and Missy Redford on a modeling composite for Reese. Reese is a beautiful and energetic four year old. She is also great in […]

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