Graffiti Messages From The Baker Hotel 2019-2020

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“My assignment, along with six other photographers, was to photograph the graffiti on the walls of the hotel before the construction crews took over with their new renovation at which point the walls would be covered forever. It is scheduled to be completed in 2022. I have added my own sense of color, composition, and thought to revitalizing these images. The hotel was closed and abandoned for about forty seven years. I feel honored and inspired to have been able to go in and capture some of the remnants left behind by the hands of different people and artist’s who made their way through this old hotel. Graffiti has been expressed/drawn as a type of voice for many who have had no voice. I suppose one of my goals here was to shine a light on those voices and perhaps leave a lasting imprint by something as small as adding a new color around a word to make it stand out. Salute to all the creatives who did their work in secret. Your voices live on!” – Kim Robbins

Limited edition prints available on canvas or archival matte paper in all sizes. Please email Kim if you are interested in purchasing any of the pieces here.