Commissioned Work

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Please email Kim if you are interested in commissioned work.

Client: Transdevelopment Group

Leading developer of specialized transportation facilities with offices in Atlanta, London, Mexico City, and Portland. This job was a collaboration of Kim and her husband, Peter Robbins, who was the lead photographer. Kim’s job was to shoot, assist, and make art. After editing and consulting with the company, the three following pieces were commissioned for the main office in Atlanta. We chose a custom color scheme for a triptych (group of three), and also decided on custom sizes for the wall space. See the full project here.


Client: Kimray

Founded in 1948,¬†Kimray is a world-class manufacturer of control equipment used extensively in oil and gas production in North America and around the globe. In this project, Kim’s job was to take Kimray’s valve piece called the ‘Back Pressure Regulator’ and make art with it to go on the walls of their main office in Oklahoma City. Though there is often a photo shoot involved, this time Kim used photography provided by the company. The project was contracted for Kim to produce three options for the company to choose from (see below).